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01. Common Questions

Will Entaice work with my Shopify Theme?

Yes - Entaice updates the order of products using the Shopify API, so there's minimal interaction with the code driving your theme.

Will Entaice slow down my page load speeds?

Nope!  We use an enterprise-grade pixel to analyze your website's traffic without slowing down your load times.

Do I have to use Entaice for my entire site at once?

No - you can select which collections Entaice optimizes. So if you have special collections that require manual sorting, it's no big deal.

02. Plans and Pricing

Can I trial Entaice before paying?

You can install Entaice for free, and the app doesn't charge for the first 30 days. After that it's $0.01 per collection view on enabled collections.

How much traffic can Entaice handle?

Entaice can handle enterprise-level traffic from the internet's top retailers.
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