Increase your Shopify store's
sales by 4-8%

Entaice automatically sorts your collections so shoppers see the items they're most likely to buy. Install in under an hour. Try on your store for free.

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Your store is losing sales

If your site has an out of stock product on page 1 or your team uses spreadsheets to organize collections,
you're missing opportunities to show customers the products they want to buy.

Entaice optimizes your collections automatically

With Entaice, you can:
Accelerate product discovery

Show customers what they want to buy

Entaice sorts your products how you would if you could clone yourself and work 24/7 ... it uses the most up date to product performance and inventory data to:
> Push out of stock products to the end
> Prioritize hero products that drive sales
> Promote trending products you'd never expect

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keep your store looking great

Create on brand listings
on the fly

Entaice can group your products by tags, including color and brand, to make sure visually-similar styles are displayed together. Now you don't have to choose between aesthetics and business goals.

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Save time

Spend your time on strategy, not sorting

Entaice replaces cumbersome drag and drop interfaces with a one click UI where you can automate away your most burdensome sorting tasks. Never manually arrange a collection with several hundred products again.

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move KPIs

Get results for every stakeholder

Whether you're a store owner, ecommerce veteran, merchandiser, or agency, Entaice moves the needle on the numbers you care about.

Ecommerce Directors

More product discovery leads to higher conversion rates, larger average order values, and better retention for your store.

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Site Merchandisers

By showing your shoppers more relevant products, you'll see higher sell through rates and improved collection performance

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Agency Partners

With Entaice, your clients can achieve higher ROI than they can in the increasingly expensive world of paid media and social ads.

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