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Why entaice?

Why Entaice Works

Up to 80% of your site's traffic visits a collection page, but the order in which you show your products is rarely optimized for conversion. It's like if Google showed you random search results - you'd never find what you want! With Entaice, you can:

Show your best products first

Never lose sales because your best selling products end up on page six. Entaice sorts your catalog by a user's likelihood to buy, so your customers see the products they want first. You'll see higher conversion than you would with recency or date added sorts.

Identify Trends

Ever struggled to update your collection pages when a new trend hits?  Entaice analyzes your traffic to identify trending products and pushes those products into higher positions within the collection. All without you lifting a finger.

Make Mobile Sell

Mobile continues to drive a larger share of ecommerce revenue, but mobile viewers see significantly fewer products than those on a desktop. Entaice makes sure your mobile visitors see products they'll love.

Hide out of stock products

Nothing damages a store's NPS and customer retention like showing users a lot of products they can't buy because they're out of stock. Entaice puts your out of stock products at the end of your collections, so your customers stay happy and engaged.

Automate your Workflow

Some days, its just not possible for your merchandising team (or you!) to make all the collection page updates you want. Sorting hundreds or thousands of products by hand is time consuming - and you've got a whole store to run. Other products ask you to do MORE, like creating complex rules to sort your collection. Entaice is your merchandisers best friend - taking the load off so you can focus on the big picture.
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