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Collection merchandising on Shopify is hard. Entaice makes it easy.

Using Entaice is like having the site merchandising assistant you've always wanted - automatically blending your latest data and product imagery to create visually-engaging, on brand collection pages that drive sell through and conversion.

Did you know?

Shopify's built in sorts cost you time and sales

Sorting large collections manually is time consuming, and Shopify's built in sorts like "Best Selling" and "Date Added" don't factor in purchase recency or inventory levels. The result?  Your store can sell more by rearranging your products.
There's a better way

What you can do with Entaice

enhance product discovery

Take Control

Sort your collections how you would if you could work 24/7. Use the most up to date product performance and inventory data to:

> Push out of stock products to the end
> Prioritize hero products that drive sales
> Promote trending products you'd never expect

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make your store look great


Group your products by vendor, color or brand to make sure visually-similar styles are displayed together.

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drive more sales


Track results from every collection to understand the impact on conversion rate and sell through.

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