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Next Generation Merchandising for Shopify đź’µ

Entaice automatically creates visually-engaging, on-brand collection pages that drive sell through and conversion so you can focus on strategy, not sorting.

Did you know?

Entaice makes time consuming
merchandising tasks easy

Rapidly changing inventory levels?  Identifying trending products?
No problem.
"I like to think of this app as my site merch assistant without the overhead. It has saved me an immeasurable amount of time optimizing key pages that would normally only get monthly manual refreshes."
Ramy brook
"This app is a hidden Gem. We have a large catalog, with lots of collections and products. The app auto-merchandises the products in the collection, using AI so that the items most likely to sell are shown at the top."
Big girls don't cry
"Unbelievably Powerful! Entaice has had a profoundly positive impact on our ROI."
the imagination tree
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What you can do with Entaice

enhance product discovery

Take Control

Sort your collections how you would if you could work 24/7. Use the most up to date product performance and inventory data to:
> Push out of stock products to the end
> Prioritize hero products that drive sales
> Promote trending products you'd never expect

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make your store look great

Group Products

Group your products by vendor, color or brand to make sure visually-similar styles are displayed together.

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make adjustments

Pin Products

Pin any number of products to the top of a collection and specify their order, overriding the Entaice rank. Perfect for marketing campaigns or launching new products.

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Understand performance

See Results

See product level data Entaice uses to power rankings for each collection. Great for seeing what's going on behind the scenes and evaluating product success.

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You can install Entaice in less time than it takes to merchandise a collection. Free for 30 days.

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