An unparalleled merchandising experience

Where other apps falter, Entaice shines. Use our advanced merchandising features to drive increases in user engagement across your collections.

Auto Deploy Merchandising Best Practices

Deploy proven merchandising strategies with a single click. Leverage the full power of our AI algorithm without any impact to your site load times.


Embedded Shopify Experience

Seamlessly access Entaice directly through the Shopify UI. Add an unlimited number of collections. Update them via automated runs every two hours and with unlimited manual runs in between.


Pinned Products

Pin any number of products to the top of a collection while keeping the rest of your collection optimized. The app will automatically move any pinned products that run out of stock to the bottom of your collection.


Product Grouping

Blend optimal sorting with product imagery by enabling product grouping. The app will determine the best order of individual groups of products to drive the maximum amount of user engagement


Product Boosting

Boost your new products to the top of your collections while seamlessly integrating your product groups and pinned products. Once a product is older than the age selected, it will be automatically put into its optimal rank in the collection.


Performance Data

Access detailed product performance data for each collection, including views, orders, revenue, conversion rate, and more for each product. Export product performance data in CSV format for further analysis and strategic planning.


Try Entaice for Free

You can install Entaice in less time than it takes to merchandise a collection. Free for 30 days.

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