An unparalleled merchandising experience

Where other apps falter, Entaice shines. Use our advanced merchandising features to drive increases in user engagement across your collections.

Features that make it easy to handle
your most complex merchandising tasks


AI Product Sorting

We've trained Entaice to think like a merchandiser and to seamlessly blend sales data and product imagery. The result? Great looking product arrangements that visually entice customers and optimize revenue no matter how many products are in a collection.


Out of Stock Management

No inventory remaining? No problem. As your products sell out, Entaice will automatically move them to the end of your collection. If multiple variants are out of stock, Entaice is smart enough to deprioritize those products in favor of items that are more likely to get views and sales.


Product Grouping

Entaice gives you the flexibility to place products into groups of 2 or 4 based on color, vendor, brand or product type. That way you can ensure visual consistency throughout your collection. Entaice then sorts product groups to achieve the maximum conversion rate for your collection.


Pinned Products

There are always exceptions to algorithm-based sorting rules, and that's where pinned products comes into play. You can pin any number of products to the top of your collection in the order of your choice. Our customers frequently use this feature to support marketing campaigns or to give new products additional visibility


Advanced Reporting

Have you ever wondered how individual products within your collection perform in terms of conversion rate? With Entaice's advanced product reporting, you can see the number of views and orders your products receive across your site and see how the Entaice algorithm ranks those products in its sort results.


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