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How to add a collection bannner in Shopify

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    Entaice Braintrust

Adding a Collection Banner in Shopify

To add a banner image to a collection page in Shopify:

  1. Log Into Shopify Admin:

    • Sign in to your Shopify account.
  2. Navigate to Your Theme:

    • Click on Online Store and then Themes.
  3. Customize Your Theme:

    • Find your current theme and click Customize.
  4. Select the Collection Page:

    • Use the top bar dropdown to navigate to Collections and select the specific collection page you want to edit.
  5. Add Collection Image:

    • In the theme editor sidebar, look for the section where you can add a banner image, which could be labeled Collection image or something similar.
    • Upload your banner image.
  6. Adjust Settings (optional):

    • Set the image alignment, size, or overlay if those options are available.
  7. Save:

    • Click Save to apply your changes.

Note: Some themes may not support a banner for collection pages directly, and may require custom code or a theme update.