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How to add a filter to a collection in Shopify

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    Entaice Braintrust

Adding Filters to a Collection Page in Shopify

Adding filters to a Shopify collection page can enhance the shopping experience by making it easier for customers to find products. Here's a basic guide:

  1. Access Theme Settings:

    • Go to Online Store > Themes.
    • Find your current theme and click Customize.
  2. Navigate to Collection Pages:

    • Select Collections from the page selector dropdown.
  3. Add Filters:

    • In the theme editor sidebar, look for Collection pages settings.
    • Find the section for Filters.
    • Enable and configure the filters based on product options like size, color, or material.
  4. Save Changes:

    • Once configured, click Save.

Some themes may require custom code for more advanced filters. In that case, it's recommended to consult the theme documentation or hire a Shopify expert.