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how to add infinite scroll to a shopify collection

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    Entaice Braintrust

Adding Infinite Scroll to Shopify Collection Page

Implementing infinite scroll requires custom coding:

  1. Edit Theme Files:

    • Navigate to Online Store > Themes.
    • Click Actions and then Edit code.
  2. Update Collection Template:

    • Find the collection.liquid or collection-template.liquid file in the Templates directory.
  3. Add Custom JavaScript:

    • Implement JavaScript to detect when a user reaches the bottom of the page.
    • Use AJAX to load the next set of products from the collection.
  4. Modify Liquid Pagination:

    • Modify your pagination logic to handle AJAX requests for the next page of products.
  5. Test the Feature:

    • Save your changes and test the infinite scroll on your collection page.

Note: This is a complex task requiring knowledge of JavaScript, Liquid, and Shopify's AJAX API. Consider hiring a developer if you're not familiar with these technologies.