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how to create a hidden collection on Shopify

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    Entaice Braintrust

Creating a Hidden Collection on Shopify

To create a collection that's not directly visible to storefront visitors, follow these steps:

  1. Log Into Shopify Admin: Access your Shopify dashboard.

  2. Create a New Collection: Go to Products > Collections and click Create collection.

  3. Configure Collection Settings:

    • Set the collection's Title and Description.
    • Choose Automated or Manual for the collection type.
  4. Set Collection Conditions: (Skip this if you chose a manual collection)

    • Define conditions that products must meet to be included.
  5. Save the Collection: Click Save.

  6. Hide the Collection:

    • Do not add the collection to any menus.
    • Avoid linking directly to the collection from your store pages.
  7. Accessing the Collection:

    • Use the direct URL to the collection for marketing campaigns or share it with specific customers.

This collection will now be hidden from your storefront navigation but accessible via direct link.