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how to create a sale collection on Shopify

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How to create a sale collection on Shopify

Want to be a full-priced store on Shopify? We all do. But guess what? Even at the top luxury brands, sale pages drive a significant portion of revenue. So we need to do a great job building them even if they aren't the main way we want to be perceived. Here's how you can create a sale collection for you store.

Creating a sale collection on Shopify

  1. Access Your Admin: Sign in to your Shopify admin panel.

  2. Navigate to Collections: Select Products > Collections from the sidebar.

  3. Create a New Collection: Click the Create collection button.

  4. Set the Collection Name: Label it as "Sale" or "Discounts".

  5. Choose Collection Type:

    • Opt for an Automated collection.
    • Add conditions to automatically include products on sale, like "Compare at price is greater than price".
  6. Customize Collection Settings:

    • Manage inventory and pricing to accurately reflect sale items.
    • Consider setting a date range for when items are on sale.