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Mastering Shopify Collection Sort Options

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Hey there! If you're diving into the search term "Shopify collection sort options," you're likely trying to spruce up your online store's browsing experience, right? Smart move. Let's unpack this to make your collections as user-friendly and effective as possible.

Why Sort Collection Options Matter

Imagine walking into a giant department store with everything meshed together. Men's footwear next to kitchen appliances, kids’ toys mingling with gardening tools. Confusing, isn't it? That’s exactly how customers feel when they can’t easily navigate an online store. Sorting options are your virtual "aisle signs" that help customers find what they want faster, keeping them happy and more likely to hit that buy button.

Setting Up Basic Collection Sort Options in Shopify

First things first, let’s get your collections organized. Shopify gives you some default settings, but tweaking them to your needs can make a huge difference. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Access your Shopify admin dashboard. This is your control room for everything.

  2. Navigate to ‘Products’ then ‘Collections’. Select a collection you want to sort.

  3. Find ‘Sort’ or ‘Sort products by’ in the collection settings. Here you can choose how the products will be sorted by default when someone visits the collection.

If you’re new to this, Shopify’s default options include sorting by best selling, price, date, and alphabetical order. But what if these aren’t cutting it?

Customizing Your Sort Options

Ready to tailor the experience? You might want Shopify to sort collections in a way that highlights your products better. Perhaps you want to show off your newest items or those with the best reviews at the top.

Using Shopify’s API for advanced sorting: Shopify’s API allows more complex modifications that can deeply personalize how products are presented. For instance, you could sort products based on their color, size, or material. However, playing with the API might require some coding skills or the help of a developer.

Real-World Scenario: Why Custom Sort Matters

Imagine you sell sports equipment. Your customers usually hunt for the latest gear. By setting the default sort option to 'newest,' you immediately cater to your audience’s preferences, potentially increasing sales. It shows you understand their shopping behavior and cater to their needs right off the bat.

Keeping Things Simple

While customization is great, keeping sort options simple and understandable is crucial. Confusing sort options can be as bad as a cluttered store. Stick to what makes sense for your products and customers.

Regular Updates and Feedback

Trends change, and so does inventory. Regularly updating your sorting preferences can keep your collections fresh and relevant. Also, listen to customer feedback. If several customers complain about difficulty finding products, it might be time to reconsider your sorting strategy.


Sorting your Shopify collections effectively is like organizing a library by genres and sub-genres, making it easy for readers—the customers in your case—to find the book—the product—they want. Taking the time to set these up thoughtfully can enhance the shopping experience, keep customers returning, and ultimately, boost your sales.

Remember, this is your shop's virtual layout. Have fun with it, experiment, and always keep the customer’s experience in mind. Happy sorting!

Taking Action

Now, why not give it a try? Jump into your Shopify store, play around with different arrangements, and see what layout makes your products shine and your sales climb. It’s all about testing and adapting. Good luck!