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Mastering Nested Collections in Shopify

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    Entaice Braintrust

Hey! So you're diving into Shopify and stumbled upon a concept that might seem a bit like organizing your sock drawer: putting collections within collections. Sounds a bit meta, right? But it's actually super useful. Let's break this down like you're organizing a big, fun dinner party (because who doesn't love food metaphors?).

Why Nested Collections?

Imagine you’re throwing a themed party. You’ve got appetizers, main courses, and desserts, right? In Shopify, each of these could be a collection. Now, under appetizers, you might have vegan options, gluten-free choices, etc. In the Shopify world, it would be super slick if you could also have collections within these collections to help your guests—ahem, I mean customers—find exactly what they’re looking for.

Unfortunately, Shopify out of the box plays a bit tough on this. It doesn’t directly allow collections within collections. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. And I’m here to help you find that way, making your store as organized as your killer party platters.

Workarounds to Achieve Nested Collections

Since Shopify doesn’t directly support collections within collections, we need to get a bit creative. Think of it as making a dish with substitute ingredients (Who knew cauliflower could pretend to be rice so well?).

1. Tags and Filters:

One approach is using tags. You tag products in a way that includes multiple levels. For example, if you sell books, tags might include "Fiction > Sci-Fi" or "Fiction > Fantasy". Then, you can create automated collections that use these tags as conditions to group products. It's a bit like setting ground rules for what dishes guests can bring to your potluck.

2. Menu Magic:

Create a hierarchical feeling in your navigation. Set up your main menu with dropdowns that mimic the feeling of nested collections. For instance:

  • Books (Main collection)
    • Fiction (Link to a collection)
      • Sci-Fi (Link to a filtered collection page)

This doesn't change the collection structure but changes how customers navigate—like giving clear directions to where the drinks are at your party.

3. Third-party Apps:

If manual tweaking isn’t your thing, or you want something more robust, Shopify’s App store is like the cookbook you never knew you needed. Apps like Smart Collections or Collection Tree can help create a more nested-like feel within your store.

Making It Work Smoothly

Alright, so you picked a method—the next step is making sure it functions as smoothly as those sliding glass doors at fancy grocery stores.

  1. User Experience is Key: Ensure that no matter what method you use, the pathway for your customer is as clear as your great-aunt’s crystal glasses. Simple, intuitive navigation ensures less frustration and more shopping.

  2. Consistency Across Categories: If you start a tagging pattern or a navigational structure, stick to it. Consistency is comforting, like knowing there will always be chips at a party.

  3. Mobile Responsiveness: Make sure whatever you do looks good on mobile. Many shoppers are browsing on their phones—like checking a party invite on the go.

  4. Test Your Setup: Before going live, have friends or family test out the navigation. Make sure they find it easy to use—not like those parties where you can’t find the bathroom.


While Shopify might not serve the nested collections feature on a silver platter, you can still present your products in a neatly organized manner with a little creativity and elbow grease. It’s about making your store as welcoming and easy to navigate as a well-planned party. Hopefully, with these tips, your Shopify store will be the talk—even among those who just come for the snacks and dips. Keep tweaking, testing, and improving. After all, the best parties—and eCommerce stores—are always looking to make the next gathering even better!

Remember, the goal isn't to overwhelm your customers but to guide them to exactly what they want, almost like how well-placed signs can guide someone through a festival. Harness these methods, and your Shopify store will be as organized and delightful as the best get-togethers in your memory. Happy organizing!