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Keeping Shopify Collections Under Wraps

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    Entaice Braintrust

Imagine you’re tweaking your Shopify store at midnight. You’ve got this collection of products you’re not ready to showcase yet, or perhaps, you want to keep them exclusive for certain customers. What do you do? Well, that’s where hiding your Shopify collection pages comes into play. No need to pull up a cloak of invisibility—it’s simpler than that.

Why Hide a Collection?

First off, let's circle back to why someone might want to lob a collection page into the digital void temporarily. Maybe you’re stocking up for a big reveal or a seasonal offer and those products are not supposed to be seen yet by the generality of window shoppers. Or it’s an exclusive stash meant solely for a select group of customers—think premium members, or perhaps a specific marketing campaign. Scaling back access to certain products can add an air of exclusivity or manage your stock more efficiently without confusing your general audience.

How to Go About It

Shopify doesn’t throw you into the deep end—there are a few ways to hide those collection pages. Let me break it down for you:

1. Password Protection

This is about as straightforward as it sounds. You can add password protection to pages on your Shopify store. It’s a good move if you’ve got a collection meant for eyes only from a specific customer list. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to Online Store > Preferences.
  • Find the Password protection area and check Enable password.
  • Set your password and then—you guessed it—Save the changes.

This action doesn’t hide your page per se but creates a barrier to entry, making it accessible only to those with the password.

2. Adjusting the Visibility Settings

If you’re not into the whole “secret club” vibe through password protection, tweaking visibility settings is your next best call. Basically, you make the collection not searchable and not visible on your store’s front-end.

  • Head to your Shopify admin, go to Products > Collections.
  • Select the collection you want to hide.
  • Click on Manage collection and uncheck the Online Store box.

What you’re doing is simply keeping it from being listed or found on your website. It’s still there in the backend, just not screaming for attention.

3. Using Liquid

Feeling a little techy? Let’s get our hands a bit dirty with some coding, but nothing too daunting, I promise. Shopify uses a language called Liquid to build themes. You can tweak your theme’s Liquid file to hide collections based on certain conditions.

  • Access Online Store > Themes from your Shopify admin.

  • Choose your theme and hit Actions > Edit code.

  • Find the theme.liquid file and you can insert conditions such as:

    {% unless collection.handle == 'your-collection-handle' %}
      // Code to display the collection
    {% endunless %}

Replace 'your-collection-handle' with the actual handle of your collection. This script plays hide and seek with your collections upon conditions you set.

When You Pull Them Back from the Shadows

Just because you’ve hidden them doesn’t mean they must stay hidden forever (unless that’s your grand plan). Pulling back the veil should be as straightforward as when you hid them. Remove password protections, tick the visibility boxes back on, or adjust your Liquid code snippets—it’s your call.

Some Friendly Advice

Hiding your collections is a bit like planting a secret garden. You need to remember where you’ve put everything! It’s a good idea to keep track of what collections you have hidden and why. Regularly updating these can prevent any "Oh no, why isn’t this selling?" moments down the line. Think of it as a seasonal wardrobe change for your store.

And remember, just because you hide something doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. The simpler the approach, the easier it is to manage. Tools and tricks should make managing an e-commerce store a smoother ride, not a headache. Always test changes in an unpublished theme or consider hiring a Shopify expert if diving into code isn’t your cup of tea.

Wrapping Up

Tailoring what your customers see can create a more refined shopping experience and give you control over your inventory and exclusive offers. Just like artists select what goes into a gallery display, this is your store, your gallery, and you dictate what goes on the front rails and what stays behind the curtain. Hiding collection pages on Shopify isn’t just about secrecy—it’s about strategic presentation and making sure your shop feels personal and well-curated. So here you go, cloak, and dagger (or perhaps just a few checkboxes and code snippets)—you’re all set to control the visibility of your Shopify collections like a pro!