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Customize Your Shopify Store Removing Collection Titles

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Hey there!

So you want to nix the collection titles on your Shopify store, huh? Maybe you think they’re cluttering up your site, or maybe you reckon your design will shine brighter without them. Whatever the reason, you believe ditching these titles could make your shop look just that tad bit cleaner and sleeker. Good thinking!

Let’s dive right in, shall we? We're going to approach this a bit like shaping clay or maybe carving out habits. You start with a big blob or a bunch of actions, and gradually, you remove pieces or tweak things until it looks or behaves just right. It's all about making small, deliberate changes to get that perfect end product.

Understanding the Setup

Every Shopify theme is a bit different, kind of like how each author might approach writing a book. In Shopify, your theme controls how your shop looks and feels—colors, layouts, where things sit, and yes, even those sometimes pesky collection titles.

Access Your Theme Code

First off, you'll need to get your hands dirty with a bit of code—don't worry, I'll guide you through it. We aren’t diving into the Matrix; think of this more like following a recipe, where one wrong ingredient won’t ruin the dish (and you can always hit 'undo'!).

  1. Go to your Shopify admin. This is your command center.
  2. Click on ‘Online Store’ and then ‘Themes’. This page is kind of like your tool shed; it’s where all the tools to tweak your store's look live.
  3. Find the theme you want to adjust and click ‘Actions’. Then select ‘Edit code’. Yes, you are about to edit some real-life, working code!

Find the Right File

Now, it’s like we’re looking for the right wrench in that tool shed. Usually, the file controlling your collection titles will be named something like collection-template.liquid or list-collections-template.liquid. It will vary a bit depending on your theme, but don’t worry too much about memorizing these. Just look for something that sounds right—it usually is.

Making the Change

Okay, here it is—the doing part. You're essentially going to look for where it mentions the collection title in the code. Typically, it’ll look something like <h1>{{ collection.title }}</h1> or similar. This piece of code is your collection title. Our task is to comment it out or remove it.

  • To remove it: Simply delete that piece of code.
  • To comment it out (which means it’s still there but won’t show up): Wrap it with Liquid comment tags like this: {% comment %}<h1>{{ collection.title }}</h1>{% endcomment %}.

And just like that, you’re pretty much done coding! Make sure to hit ‘Save’ when you’re done, or all your hard work will be like that dream you forget as soon as you wake up—gone.

Preview and Test

Before you throw this live to your audience, like releasing a song without ever playing it back first, make sure to preview your changes. Check different devices and browsers too, if you can. It’s like testing that song on different speakers. Everything might look top-notch on your laptop but could be less stellar on a phone.

Not Just About Removal

Remember, tweaking your store isn’t always subtracting. Think of it like sculpting a statue: Sometimes, you need to remove marble, and other times, you need to polish what’s left. Maybe now that the titles are gone, the images need resizing, or perhaps the text that remains looks a tad lonely and could use some company or resizing.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it—a cleaner, perhaps more focused Shopify store that highlights what you want it to. Remember, the biggest wins often come from the smallest adjustments. Whether removing clutter from a design or building habits like in Atomic Habits—the little things can make huge differences.

Do play around a bit more if you feel like there’s room for improvement. Think of your Shopify store as a living thing, always growing and changing. No change is forever—you can always tweak, revert, or completely overhaul things down the line.

Until next time, keep refining, keep tweaking, and keep making your store a little more ‘you’. After all, it’s these personal touches that turn a good store into a great one. Happy editing!