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How to group collections in Shopify

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    Entaice Braintrust

Grouping Collections on Shopify

While Shopify doesn't have a direct feature to group collections, you can use menus to create a similar structure:

  1. Create Individual Collections:

    • Make sure each collection you want to group is already created.
  2. Organize Collections with Menus:

    • Go to Online Store > Navigation.
    • Edit the menu you want to use for grouping or create a new one.
    • Add each collection you want in the group as a menu item.
    • Nest the collections under a main menu item to create a dropdown effect.
  3. Use Tags for Filtering:

    • Alternatively, you can tag products in different collections similarly.
    • Use the tag filter on collection pages to group products virtually.

Note: Custom theme modifications or third-party apps may offer more direct grouping functionality.